Research Associate within the Research Team in International Dimensions of Education at the University of Geneva, Najia Musolino is a development professional with research, policy and management experience working and living in low, middle and high income countries. Najia has an extensive working experience in developing, resourcing and managing global collaborations and teams, synthesizing evidence for policy options and integrating cross-cutting issues (e.g social determinants of health and gender) into analyses, corporate mechanisms, research policies and flagship products.

Najia has designed and delivered numerous technical and policy sessions in major international conferences and venues including the United Nations. She is deeply committed to making interlinkages between the sustainable development goals in the area of health (SDG3) and education (SDG4) for innovative approaches to attain policy integration. Najia is Swiss and holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Geneva and a degree in Global Health Diplomacy from the Geneva Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. She is the co-founder of Banyan Initiative for Development and serves on the Board of Directors of like-minded organisations in the global development community active in the area of health and education.