Banyan Initiative for Development (Bi4D) is recognised as a non-profit NGO in Geneva, Switzerland. With a sense of respect for national priorities and local resources where its partners operate, we engage with local projects that are set up and operated only by the local communities serving the contextual needs as approved by the local authorities. We do not promote or engage in any socially growth-retarding activities on the field. Our partners are locally based schools that have operated in the region for over 30 years. While we perform our own due diligence in the selection process of our partners for their eligibility to enter into an agreement with us, our partners in turn bear the responsibility to respond to the recent requirements of the law in India in order to prove their accountability to the local government. This lies outside the scope of our mission and responsibility. In view of the NGO laws and regulations in India, we do not accept applications for any volunteer engagement in India by non-residents. 

Furthermore, we do not engage in the design of programmes or projects nor commit in any manner at the operational level of our partners’ activities at the grassroots in India.

We thank you for your understanding.